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Traveler Stays houses are an ideal solution for those that need a safe, clean place to stay.  Whether it's for work, adult continuing education, or relocation to the area we can help.  Become a member today and see how your life can change with the freedom to live again.                                            

House Information and Amenities

All Traveler Stays member locations offer:

  • Flatscreen TV

  • High-speed Internet (streaming ready)

  • Full Size Showers and Bathrooms

  • Adult Beds

  • Modernized Kitchens

  • Free To Use Washer and Dryer


How It's Done...

(in 3 easy steps!)

#1: Become A Member 
#2: Find A Place To Stay
#3: Start Living Life Affordably
*- It's that easy to save big money by staying at one of our houses. Of course, you will need to answer a few questions to make sure that we keep things safe for everyone. There are also policies in place to respect everyone's rights and privacy.  In order to use Traveler Stays, you must be approved. Other then that, it's pretty simple!

Things to remember:
  • Traveler Stays is NOT an APARTMENT SERVICE.  It's a membership based alternative housing solution.
  • There are no leases, landlords, or long term commitments
  • Most guests only stay for a short period.
  • Often, there will be other houseguests. So, let's all get along!


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