Who Uses Traveler Stays?

Really, anybody that is looking for an inexpensive alternative to traditional housing.

Reasons people use Traveler Stays

" There are so many scammers out there preying on people looking for places to stay.  For me, just knowing that this was a reputable and well-managed alternative was comforting."
"After a while, it just seemed like the jobs were getting further and further from home. It's nice to be around similar people I can talk to." 

"I'm from a small town and always dreamed of being a chef.  The nearest school was 2 hours away. Traveler Stays gave me the opportunity for growth that I would not have had otherwise."

"I was in a bad situation.  I didn't know nobody, and my family is in another country. One day I just packed up and left.  This gave me time to come up with a real plan."

"I took a job with no relocation funds. I already have student loans, and a low credit score.  I could not afford first month's rent, and a huge security deposit. I am now able to get to know the area before I make a long term commitment."
Traveler Stays is a great way to save money, and share costs without any long term commitments, leases, or contracts. Giving many an affordable solution where there was not one previously.
Quick Comparisons:
  1. Average Hotel = $650 a week
  2. Average Apartment (with utils) = $275 a week
  3. Average Traveler Stays House = $150 a week
If all you need is a place to stay, then all you need is Traveler Stays!