Frequently Asked Questions…


What is Traveler Stays?

Traveler Stays is a membership based affordable housing alternative.  You get a clean furnished room, highspeed WiFi, utilities, and coinless laundry all for one fixed weekly fee.  All members are screened, and background checks are performed to foster a safe environment.  


How do I become a member?

All members must be validated by filling out background and employment forms.  There is a $35 fee (background check).  After approval, there are additional “membership fees and dues”.  Traveler Stays agents are available to answer any questions.


Can I really save money using Traveler Stays?

Yes, you can.  We want you to succeed.  Our goal is to give you an affordable alternative that enables you to plan your next step.  Life is full of transitions.  That does not mean you have to live badly while trying to get ahead.


Can I see what the rooms look like before I pay any fees?

You can see pictures of the rooms online before you pay.  You cannot stay at a Traveler Stays room until after you have been verified.  After that, you will see the addresses and locations to help you make the best decisions.


Are there private bathrooms and bedrooms available?

As a general rule, not really.  All Traveler Stays rooms are in shared community homes.  This means that bathrooms are also shared.  In most cases, the bedrooms are double occupancy as well.  All members must agree to accept these terms.


How long does it take to schedule a room?

Typically, only a day or two.


I am worried that I will sign up and not get approved.  What’s the approval process like?

Traveler Stays was designed for people in transition. Those who can live well with others in a shared housing community.  We do review your credit (normally only a soft pull) and employment background. However, your actual credit scores do not impact whether or not you are approved.  We conduct criminal background checks for the safety of our members.  If you are unsure, contact us and we will give you a straight answer.


What if I do not have a “bank account”?

We accept alternative methods of payment.  Including: PayPal, CashApp, Cash, Money Order, Visa & MC, and the option to pay at local retail locations.


What about spouses or pets?

For additional fees and background checks we can work out spouses.  Children are not suited for this arrangement.  Pets are not allowed. 


Are refunds available?

The fees for background checks are non-refundable.  Membership dues are non-refundable 24 hours after staying at a Traveler Stays house.


How long are applications good for?

Approved Traveler Stays applications are good for 90 days.  If you do not stay at one of our houses during that time, you must restart the process.


Are there other costs involved?

Yes, there is an admin fee of $100, plus the weekly fee of the individual house you choose (fees vary by location).  So, for illustration purposes: $35 Background Fee + $100 Admin Fee + Weekly House Stay Fee (on average $150), or roughly $285 the first week, and then an additional $150 per week (on average, based on location) for the room after.  Some of our houses are a little more for a week.  You will know exact amounts before you pay.


What are move-in days and hours like?

Sunday-Saturday.  9:00am-6:00pm